User Benifits

Our Precious User can get many benefits from our App

PayDotStar users can get cashback for every spend from our registered vendors across city, which can be reused to get more cashback.

Users can keep track of their daily, weekly and monthly spendings

Users can give feedback to us and can include their favourite shops registered with us and get more discounts

Be Loyal and get rewarded : Loyal customers can get gifts or vouchers from their favourite shops for reaching specified goals

Users can pay by any means (cash, card or any other wallets) and get their cash back on our app.

Also you can enjoy our new exciting features while continuing our relationships.

Vendor benifits

Our Great Vendors can get many benefits from our App

As a PayDotStar registered vendor you can experience the increase in foot traffic to your shop.

You can always be ahead of your competitors by going online providing shop images, details and contact informations also you can provide daily and weekly sales information at the ease of your fingertip.

Maintain your loyalty customers and never go down with your sales estimate.

Increase your customer base by our cross-users strategy.